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Main Dishes

Breakfast Sandwiches Variety of breakfast hot sandwiches

Egg & Cheese on a Roll         
Egg & Cheese, w/Beef Bacon or Sausage       
Egg & Cheese, w/Turkey Bacon or Turkey Sausage    
Fish & Egg Cheese    
Salmon cake w/Egg & Cheese     
Grilled Cheese w/Beef Bacon     
Croissant egg w/Cheese & Turkey Sausage     
Steak Egg w/Cheese on a Roll     
Bagel w/Egg & Cheese & Turkey Sausage     

Breakfast Platters Variety of Hot Breakfast Platters, Sweet & Savory

French Toast, Egg & Cheese, Sausage or Bacon    
Waffles Eggs, w/Cheese, Turkey, or Beef Bacon    
Pancakes Eggs, w/Cheese, Beef Bacon or Sausage     
Blueberry Waffles, Eggs w/Cheese, Turkey or Beef     
Belgian Waffles, Eggs w/Cheese, Turkey or Beef     
Home Fries, Eggs w/Cheese, Turkey Sausage w/toast 
Grits, Eggs w/Cheese, Beef Bacon, & Toast     
Salmon Cake, Eggs w/Cheese, Grits or Home Fries    
Whiting Fish, Eggs w/cheese & Grits w/Toast    
Tilapia Fish, Eggs w/Cheese & Grits w/Toast    
Bassa Fish Eggscw/Cheese, Grits, or Home Fries    
Western Omelet, Home Fries, Turkey Sausage   
Corn Beef Hash, Egg w/Cheese Grits    
Southern Style Breakfast     
Eggs w/Cheese, Waffles, and Chicken Wings
Steak, Eggs w/Cheese, Home Fries     
Omelet w/Spinach, & White Cheese, Home Fries     

From The Grill

Cheese Burger w/Lettuce, tomato & Onion    
Deluxe Cheese Burger w/Fries   
Boneless Chicken Breast, w/Lettuce, tomato, onions    
Italian Cheese Burger, w/fries     
Bacon Cheese Burger, w/lettuce, tomato, & onion    
Fish Sandwich, w/ lettuce, tomato & tartar sauce     
Tuna Fish, w/melted grilled cheese     
B.L.T Bacon, w/lettuce tomato on wheat bread     
Turkey Burger on Wheat Bread w/lettuce & tomato    
Italian Turkey Burger w/Fries   
Surf, Turf (Fish Burger)    
Philly Cheese Steak w/Peppers & Onions      
Hot Pastrami on Long Roll w/L.T.Mustard    
Turkey Club, w/Turkey Bacon & Fries   
Tuna Club, w/Beef Bacon & Fries    
Shawarma on Pita w/Lettuce & Tomato   
Gyro w/Lettuce, Tomato & Onion    

Central Diner Special

Chicken over Rice w/Salad    
Shawarma over Rice w/Salad    
Shrimp over Rice w/Salad   
Chicken Kabob over Rice w/Salad   
Kufta Kabob over Rice w/Salad   

Mixed Platters
Two types of meat or more served over Rice with Salad,
and a choice of sauce (White, Special, or Teriyaki sauce)

Kufta & Chicken over Rice w/ Salad  
Chicken & Shrimp over w/ Salad      
Chicken & Fish over Rice w/ Salad      
Fish & Shrimp over Rice w/ Salad    
Chicken, Fish & Shrimp over Rice w/Salad      

Sea Food Corner

Tilapia over Rice & Salad     
Bassa over Rice & Salad     
Whiting Fish over Rice & Salad    
Red Salmon over Rice & Salad     

Golden Crisp Wings
Served with your choice of sauce: Hot or Mild

8 PCs Buffalo Wings    
10 PCs of Buffalo Wings    
15 PCs Buffalo Wings    
25 PCs of Buffalo Wings    

Original Days Sandwiches

Steak n’ Take    
Chicken n’ Take    
Fish n’ Take    
Whaler Fish   


Turkey Breast Salad   
Chicken Breast Salad    
Fish Salad    


Chicken Noodle Soup 
Lentil Soup 

Side Orders

Home Style Grits    
French Fries    
Onion Rings    
Home Fries   
Grilled Cheese    
Turkey Bacon, or Turkey Sausage   
Beef Bacon, or Beef Sausage   
Chicken Sausage    
Mac & Cheese   
French Toast    
Blueberry Waffle   
Belgian Waffle    
Chocolate Pancake   

Sweet Tooth Corner

Bean Pie    
Sweet Potato Pie    
Banana Pudding   
Oreo Pudding   
Special Bean Pie    
Double Chocolate Cake    
Carrot Cake    
Corn or Blueberry Muffin   

Drinks Hot & Cold

Home Made Ice Tea up town
Home Made Cross town
Central Special Tea –
Our homemade hot tea with a unique blend of herbs 
Hibiscus Home Made Drink –
Sweet refreshment brewed from fresh hibiscus flower along with a special mix of different flavorful herbs and spices 
Pineapple Ginger Home Made Drink –
Freshly made pineapple and ginger drink with all natural ingredients 
Soda Bottle  
Soda Can   
Hot Fresh Coffee 
Herbal Tea Hot Drink.  Choose from 10 different flavors
Hot Chocolate   

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Stop by 14 Jefferson Ave, Elizabeth

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